artist statement

Alan Vidali uses photography to create pristine large-scale images of small things. His work depicts constructed still life scenes that show sculptures, objects, oddities, trinkets and unidentified elements in environments that are removed from reality. His microscopic view reveals the small scale at large and serves to envelop viewers with dizzying scale, detail, and color. Working with film and digital cameras, at times he heightens certain effects through digital enhancement. Most often, he uses single source lighting due to its realistic and natural quality, which provides unobtrusive illumination and allows the viewer’s attention to be pulled towards the subject.

His images revolve around the subject of isolation, solitude, imagination and individuality. Which can be seen in his most recent work White on White and Obstructions.

Vidali studied in Mexico City before relocating to Los Angeles in 2011. In the early 2000’s Vidali built his own darkroom and through a systematic and disciplined approach he taught himself how to perfect his technique in the lab. By learning how to develop and print small black and white photographs, he gained full understanding of exposure, development, manipulation and printing for large scale print.
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